How we help grow your wealth:

Protection Planning

Umbrella Coverage
Adds extra liability coverage over and above another insurance policy, such as homeowners and auto
Disability Insurance
An insurance plan that pays some of a person’s income when s/he is disabled from an illness or injury and cannot work
Term Life Insurance
A type of life insurance that guarantees payment of a stated death benefit if the covered person dies during the specified term
Long-term Care Insurance
Designed to cover long-term services and supports, including personal and custodial care in a variety of settings
Property and Casualty Insurance
Property is coverage for things you own, like your home or car; casualty is liability coverage protects you from legal liability for an accident

Investment Strategy

Macroeconomic Investment Strategy
An investment strategy that bases its holdings primarily on the overall economic/political views of various countries or their economic principles
Income Strategies
Designed to produce a consistent paycheck, using traditional and/or alternative investments
Alternative Investments
Supplemental strategies to traditional investments; 5 main categories: hedge funds, private capital, natural resources, real estate, infrastructure
Structured Note
A debt security issued by banks whose performance is linked to the return of an underlying asset, group of assets, or index
Covered Calls
An option strategy designed to generate income on a currently held stock position

Investment & Protection

Premium Finance
Lending of funds to a person/company to cover the cost of an insurance premium, often to take advantage of tax incentives and/or interest rates
Permanent Life Insurance
Death benefit coverage for a person’s entire lifetime, with additional benefits including cash value growth and certain tax advantages

Tax Mitigation

Tax-loss Harvesting
The timely selling of securities at a loss in order to offset the amount of capital gains tax due on the sale of other securities at a profit
Conservation Easements
A voluntary, legal agreement that permanently limits the use of land to its natural state, which may create some tax benefits
Tax-advantaged personal savings plans where either the contribution or distribution may have tax benefits
Business Qualified Plans
Umbrella term for savings plans offered through a business, including SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, solo 401(k), cash balance plans, etc.

Investment & Taxes

Opportunity Zone
An economic development tool that allows people to invest in distressed neighborhoods in the US with long-term tax benefits
Municipal Bonds
Debt securities issued by states, counties, cities, or non-profit organizations, like hospitals offering some tax advantages
Roth Conversion
Process of moving funds from a traditional retirement account to a Roth account to generate tax-free income in retirement
Investment Tax Control
Ability to designate a maximum capital gain from a portfolio with trading controls in place to avoid exceeding stated maximums

Estate/Legacy Planning

ESOT for Business Transfer
Stock program that facilitates the acquisition and distribution of a company’s share to its employees with significant tax advantages
used to appoint guardians for minors & pets, designate who receives your assets & possessions and when they will receive them
Revocable Living Trust
maximizes the protection and privacy of your estate while minimizing the long-term costs of estate administration
Living Will
Make your wishes known, so that loved ones do not have to make end-of-life decisions on your behalf
General Durable Power of Attorney
Document how you want to handle your money and property if you become incapable
Healthcare Power of Attorney
Make it easy for those you select to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become unable

Tax & Legacy

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
A trust designed to own a life insurance policy held outside a person’s estate intended to mitigate estate tax liability
Gifting Strategies
A plan designed to utilize maximum gifting allowances while alive in order to reduce future estate tax liability

Core Planning

Asset Diversification
An effective way to avoid big swings in your net worth.
Death/disability planning
A way to make sure that the people you care about continue their lives if you’re not there or you’re not all there.
Savings and spending rates
Saving the right amount each month so that you land where you want to when you’re no longer working.
Risk tolerance evaluation
How much risk can you take and still sleep at night?
Formation of financial team
Who are your guides as you build your best life?