Les McMullen 

Les McMullen is one of those people who instantly makes an impression. As one of the outstanding partners at Silver Oak Wealth Planning in downtown Denver, Les brings decades of industry expertise and street smarts to the firm’s elite business and communications function. Not only does he embody the know-how required to wrangle every aspect of financial planning, Les is the glue that makes everything stick.

Les brings a unique and personable element to the planning process. He has an innate talent for shining a light on his clients’ financial situations; and is a pro at forecasting what’s to come. In other words, he helps people see the bigger picture with a clear vision—while at the same time presents possibilities for a more lucrative and promising future.

Les applies a comprehensive approach towards portfolio management by integrating innovative, white-glove service. The core of his business includes investments, protection planning, estate and legacy planning, tax planning, and offering a plethora of reputable accounting and legal resources if need be. Hence, he only wants the best for others, which is why his ability to effectively plan for whatever life throws at his clients is just one attribute that stands out.

However, his passion for unprecedented growth and meaningful experiences is not limited to his professional endeavors. Les and his wife Shelley have an insatiable love for travel and family. While he has traveled to more than 20 countries; Shelley’s curiosity for global cultures has led her to fascinating locations as well.

Impressively, Shelley completed her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. She then went on to receive two Master’s degrees at CU Denver, which is where she is currently working on her PhD.

Four years after they were married, the couple embarked on a journey to expand their family. They decided to adopt a boy and a girl from Eastern Europe. Both children were living in the same orphanage in Moldova at the time—a landlocked country bordered by Romania and Ukraine. They started the adoption process in 2013, which led to bringing their daughter Andriana home in 2015. One year later, their son Ramin joined them here in Colorado.

Les knows first-hand what it’s like to endure a challenging childhood. He grew up with two blind parents in his household, and ironically, his father lived in foster homes as a youth. So it’s not surprising that the heartwarming adoption story has brought insurmountable joy into their lives. In fact, it has become evident to Les that everything comes full circle when you approach life from a place of love and compassion.

Suffice to say, Les McMullen’s overall mission is to help people. He aims to grow his clients’ wealth while sustaining an unrivaled client-advisor relationship. Growth is key. Balance is essential. Being approachable and attentive is critical. He also recognizes that legacy and financial security aren’t just about the numbers. People always come first at Silver Oak Wealth Planning.