Mark Candler

Mark Candler is many things: driven, focused, smart, kind, enthusiastic, unapologetic. As one of three planning pioneers who work seamlessly to support their clients’ needs for today and tomorrow, Mark is head of business development and the first point of contact at Silver Oak Wealth Planning. Among the talented trio, Mark has 20 years of experience as an advisor and brings an unprecedented passion for people to the financial industry—and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Mark also has an undeniable ability to connect with people on the day-to-day. He is fluent in Portuguese and has visited 20+ countries internationally. Mark received his Master’s degree in International Business Studies from the University of South Carolina in 1995 and had the opportunity to live and work in Brazil. As a result of this experience, Mark gained invaluable perspective and understanding for the Brazilian culture and people. He loves to “dive in” and understand what makes people thrive for the purpose of making the best life decisions.

Whether your conversation revolves around alternative investments or leaving a legacy, Mark encourages people to think outside the box. He helps clients see their finances in new ways and opens their eyes to opportunities they may not be aware of. His mission is to learn what is most important to you and WHY so your true goals and values can be met effectively. It’s this qualitative aspect of his work that makes Mark tick—establishing and maintaining great relationships and creating a full-circle experience.

The Rocky Mountains landscape also speaks to Mark’s energetic personality and knowledge of Colorado. He’s a Coloradan through and through. Mark received his Bachelor of Arts in History from CU Boulder and has a strong interest in the history of the state. His family roots also go back four generations on his mother’s side. Interesting fact: Mark’s great-great-grandfather, Alexander S. McKenzie, was mayor of Silverton, CO in 1893; the first mayor on record in Silverton.

Speaking of family, Mark is very proud of his three children: Will, Jack and Lillian. They all succeed academically and are passionate about the outdoors. While Mark is passionate about skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain climbing, and rafting—both of his sons are active members of the Winter Park Junior Ski Patrol. Lilly keeps up with her older brothers on the mountain and skiing is her favorite sport. Mark has a special love for the art of fly fishing and was a river guide in both Alaska and Montana. The rivers call to him literally and figuratively.

Many clients also share his passion for fly fishing and protecting the natural waters of Colorado. He loves the fact that there are often new questions and truths discovered about life and values when partnerships are formed in the serenity and calm of the magnificent outdoors—without any unnecessary distractions.

Giving back is also very important to Mark. Growing up, his mother Anne was a dedicated professional philanthropist and led the corporate fundraising for Children’s Hospital during his formative years in Junior High, High School and College. Taking a compassionate page out of her book, Mark has been involved with Rocky Mountain Human Services, Trout Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, Children’s Hospital and Craig Hospital over the years. He is also President of Silver Oak’s proprietary philanthropy division and spearheads exclusive networking events for avid anglers and successful business owners.

Mark is adamant about helping his clients give back too. The Silver Oak team works diligently to find efficient retirement investing opportunities with the hope that money will be freed up so donations become commonplace. The benefit is two-fold: Giving back to their community and feeling the impact now.

At the end of the day, Mark is a master of his own domain. He helps clients pursue their aspirations with authentic intention—and enjoys working with people who see money as a tool in the bigger toolbox, not just the ultimate goal. Mark’s role is to make sure that the quantitative solutions align with the WHY in your financial situation. In essence, he designs roadmaps that are invaluable, so you can continue to enjoy life on your own terms with confidence and perhaps leave a meaningful impact that truly inspires you.